Pest control

Our aim is the effective and biological / ecological pest control, where we limit the use of biocides to a minimum.
We offer our services to private clients as well as to business clients, such as hotels and restaurants, hospitals, facility management and more. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification guarantees our high quality standards.

Pest determination:

You discovered an insect or another organism and would like to know what species it belongs to? Is it possibly a pest or a vector of diseases? We identify it for you and we inform you about potential risks like transferable zoonoses (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi), possible damage to stocks, and how you could protect yourself and your belongings. Should this organism be a pest representing a potential risk, we can conduct an inspection and identify the grade of infestation in order to apply the appropriate measure for pest control.
To determine the organism, please send us a specimen (dead or alive) in a suitable container. We will inform you about its biology, behaviour and possible risks. In order to identify the organism it is helpful to know where it was found and, e.g. what type of food or species of plant was infested.
Inspection of the premises and analysis of the situation:
Taking into account the biology of the pest, the use of toxic substances can often be avoided. In many cases, preventing the access to the food source is already an effective method. We will conduct a first inspection free of charge and will make an offer for a suitable set of measures. Our vehicles are discreet and neutral.

Pest control:

Should, after the inspection and analysis of the situation, an elimination of the pests be required, we will develop a customized control plan for you. Among other things, we work with lures and traps, beneficial arthropods and specific, locally applied pesticides where necessary. Where the risk of disease transmission is present, we clean and disinfect with pathogen-specific substances.


A pest monitoring program after the elimination of the pest prevents a repeated infestation. Also, monitoring measures without a previous infestation can be sensible in order to detect possible risk factors and to be able to react immediately if pests should be found.

Risk assessment:

We evaluate risks for your business and for your health, which may be caused by pests and also by control measures. Which hazards occur to humans, pets and beneficial organisms by the use of insecticides, anticoagulants for rodent control or other toxins? Do cockroaches transmit diseases? May they cause allergies? What health risks are caused by bed bugs? Which parasites and diseases can be transmitted from rats to humans? We will advise you in these and other questions.


On request, we advise you on the pharmacology and toxicology of biocides.

Regulatory support:

We also support our business clients in the implementation of the following concepts:
GMP/GDP – Good Manufacturing Practice/Good Distribution Practice
HACCP – Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points
IFS – International Food Standard
IPM – Integrated Pest Management